1. Find a Shared Problem by surveying friends with google forms or survey monkey.

Market Research

1. Total Available Market (TAM) breakdown.

2. Excel Spreadsheet of the Current Solutions with headers including (but not limited to) Company, Description, Product/Service, Target Market, and Price.

3. Sales Process Research – Research the current solutions and how they get their product to their consumers (internet, stores, online-stores, amazon, etc.). What would the best method for your product and how would you accomplish it.

4. Market Strategy Plan – How are you going to inform the public about your product/service.

Patent and Trademark Search

1. Patent Search with a list of products and claims that are similar to what your product is.

2. Pick a name and then Trademark search it. Check the Classes to make sure your class isn’t taken.


1. Sketch by hand your design, take a picture and email it to yourself. This will time stamp your invention.

2. Design your product on a 3d modeling software.

3. Make a mockup of your prototype out of foam/cardboard/any arts and crafts material.

3. Produce a functional prototype.

Business Operation

1. Calculate how much you will need to raise to go to production with your product.

2. Find out how much your product will cost to make.

3. Contact 5 different manufacturers and get a quote on per unit costs, molds, shipping, and lead times. Have them sign an NDA before disclosing your invention.

4. Calculate your Marketing Costs. Trade shows, Advertisements, and Website costs.

5. Calculate how much Overhead (storing your stuff) you will have for 12 months.

Creating Websites

1. Secure a Domain

2. Create a Website

Video for Campaign

1. Research Successful and Non-successful Crowd-funding Campaigns and analyize their videos.

2. Write a script and plan your shots.

3. Produce your video.

4. Upload to youtube or vimeo.


1.  Plan your profile text, pictures, and links

2. Determine gifts/rewards for donors.

3. Make a plan to build a hip about your campaign

4. Excel Spreadsheet of Emails

5. Research Blogs that cover an area your product is under.


1. Contact Blogs and make a personal email asking them to check out your profile and help spread the word.

2. Paper Flyers

2. Become a Donor of a blog (optional and suggested after you’re making money).

3. Mailchimp and Email Campaign

4. Tradeshows (optional and suggested after you’re making money).


1. Fill your orders.


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